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Azimuth Golf was founded by Kermit Olson, a professional golf instructor and president of Azimuth Golf EGA, LLC, to help golfers of every age and skill-level improve each part of their game, on their own, and at their own pace.

Whether on the driving range or at home, each golfer can prepare a practice station and work on set up, alignment, posture, target line and golf swing positions such as swing plane, take away, down swing and the proper impact power position.

You also can set up a chipping and pitch shot station and learn the proper chipping action and aiming needed to lag the ball closer to the hole.

Create a putting station with your indoor putting green, and set up The Putting Lane that comes with the Azimuth System to work on your set up, alignment, stroke and putting grip. By using this system, you will see how to set up your putt correctly. Then just keep your head down and get your putt started on line.

That is the secret to sinking putt after putt after putt.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Azimuth Golf is to demonstrate how the most ingenious putting system in the world can help any man, woman or child become a better skilled and more competitive golfer just by practicing perfectly … one putt at a time.

Kermit L. Olson, Founder and President

Kermit does things a little differently. He didn’t grow up playing golf as a youngster, but he took up the game later in life, worked hard to make himself a scratch golfer in just one year, and later became a professional golf instructor. Yes, that is extremely rare. Kermit attributes his rapid success to great golf instruction and his martial arts background under renowned martial artist Sensei Fumio Demura.

Kermit became a member of the United States World Karate Team, and competed at the world class level throughout Europe. He was chosen to compete at the World Karate Championships for team U.S.A., where he placed sixth.

“The similarities between karate and golf are the reasons for such rapid success,” he says. “Of course there’s no substitute for hard work and lots of repetition, but it has to be correct.”

Kermit has a rare and unique ability for teaching golf. He’s perfected these skills for golfers to help them “Practice Perfect” while saving both time and money in their quest to improve their golf game.

Kermit’s Commonalities between Golf and Karate

Focus …Knowing exactly what to do creates clarity
Power …Staying connected
Posture …Correct body positions
Balance …Staying grounded and level
Discipline …Practicing perfect, every time

What is focus?
A state of clarity and calmness. Knowing exactly what to do under pressure. A golfers “routine.”

Michael D. Casey, Director of Marketing/Social Media

Mike is a career media expert, starting out as a sports reporter for one of the top newspapers in the country and feature writer for a national volleyball magazine. He has been a guest speaker and teaching instructor on media issues, an online editor and photographer, as well as one of the early founders of a daily Internet publication.

Mike has worked in public relations and on several marketing teams, and in recent years he has been a strong advocate for increasing technology in school classrooms and using responsible social media opportunities.

Combined with his lifelong love of sports, in particular playing golf and coaching youth soccer, Mike has the combination of experience and vision to lead Azimuth Golf into the future.

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