Perfect Practice = Perfect Putting

The most important element of golf is putting. Anyone can learn to hit the ball a mile, but if you can’t get the ball in the hole, you won’t score. The Putting Lane is a patented golf product that is guaranteed to lower your score. It is used and endorsed by many of the top men and women professionals in the game today, and was named one of the top new golf products at the 2010 PGA Show.
How does it work? The Putting Lane allows you to simulate exactly what you do on the golf course, from driving to chipping to putting. By learning the proper way to set-up, aim, control posture and alignment, determine distance and routinely use the same putting stroke and golf swing, you will see your exact line and improve your green reading skills.


“If You Can Make a 1-Foot Putt, You Can Make Any Putt.”

The Putting Lane is the size of a regulation golf cup that’s elevated and can be moved anywhere to practice any putt in a matter of seconds. By placing your ball 1 foot behind the Putting Lane, you will be practicing a 1-foot putt to learn what your stroke and distance control feels like for a 4-foot, 10-foot or 20-foot or more putt. You not only will be setting up perfectly every time, but you will ingrain muscle memory to develop a putting routine that will give you a sense of clarity, calmness and confidence to sink any putt … anywhere … anytime.

By attaching the bubble level to The Putting Lane, you will be able to improve your green reading skills by verifying whether you have correctly read the break. It is valuable tool that can turn a weakness into a strength.

It’s a Multi-Purpose Golf Training Aid, Too!

The Putting Lane Pro and Putting Lane Deluxe come with discs that can be positioned to help improve your driving and short game. Fix your aim, alignment, take away, swing plane at the top, down swing and the all important impact position where all good golfers end up. Learn the proper chipping action to get your ball closer to the hole.

Everything you need is in this package for about the cost of a single 60-minute private lesson.

The Putting Lane Line-Up

Putting Lane Basic Image

Putting Lane Basic $19.95

The patented Putting Lane system is proven to improve your putting. This putting aid will save you time and money and re-establish your love affair with your putter.

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Putting Lane Pro Image

Putting Lane Pro $29.95

With The Putting Lane Pro, perfect your chipping and pitching around the greens to help save strokes and lower your scores. The Putting Lane Pro system is truly an all-purpose golf training aid.

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Putting Lane Basic Image

Putting Lane Deluxe$99.95

You’ll improve posture, body alignment, target line, putter face alignment, putting stroke, distance control and to keep your head still and not look early! What more could you ask for?

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